Insurance Clients
Together, CoverCompared and UnoRe will transform the decentralized ecosystem and provide insurance users a safety net on an unprecedented scale.
Together, UnoRe and Marshmallow will work towards transforming the insurance industry by providing its insured customers a safety net on an unparalleled scale.
UnoRe’s collaboration with Bridge Mutual will be a step to resolve this issue by creating a safe and secure space in the crypto insurance ecosystem.
Bridge Mutual
UnoRe, as Reinsurer, will reinsure Tidal’s insurance protocols, ensuring to accelerate their capital efficiency and increase the safety of principal covered by their insurance products.
Tidal Finance
Uno Re will be utilizing Collateral Pay’s payment gateway to facilitate instant purchases of insurance policies for all the insurance partners. Users can use their preferred mode of crypto payment to purchase by putting up 50% collateral against the reinsurance premium and have flexibility to redeem their collateralized crypto assets.
Collateral DeFi
With this collaboration, Uno Re will utilize VAIOT’s AI sales assistant — the service will act as an insurance chatbot solution for the Intelligent Acquisition of Policies on the Uno Re Platform with just a simple conversation.
Uno Re will provide TribeOne users with a two layer protection reinsurance provided by Uno Re on their DeFi insurance products to mitigate risk which will promote smooth and fareless trading.
Rocket Vault joins Uno Re as one of the innovators on the platform which allows them to build insurance products like Smart Vault covers and other crypto-related products. Additionally, this integration will allow UnoRe to list investment products as one of Rocket Vault’s investment vaults.
Rocket Vault
With this integration, Uno Re will reinsure PolkaInsure and its users while welcoming PolkaInsure as an innovator on the platform.
Under this collaboration, Uno Re, as the reinsurer, will provide staking pool covers to OpenDefi and their sister company, Unifarm’s clients.
Open Defi by Oro Pocket
Uno Re and PolkaCover will join hands to effectively provide a comprehensive cover for Umbrella Network’s staking vaults. While PolkaCover will be responsible for the distribution and claim management, Uno Re will be liable for the risk management and underwriting on this portfolio.
Umbrella Network
This partnership will allow Uno Re to provide users with extensive covers like Invested Capital Protection and Staking Pool Protection
Cook Finance
Uno Re will be exploring Babylons NFT marketplace, their features and will also be providing insurance covers against the smart contract vulnerabilities of their NFTs.
Uno Re will soon be providing insurance covers to Kephi Gallery against any potential smart contract vulnerabilities that could affect user’s NFTs
Kephi Gallery
Uno Re has curated a specialised DEX aggregator cover against Brokoli’s smart contract vulnerabilities. This provides an additional guarantee to the users on the platform, thus enabling the DEX aggregator to be more reliable and user-friendly.
Brokoli Network
Uno Re will provide a customised Protocol Cover for Nord Finance’ single-sided staking pool, USDC, USDT and DAI staking pool on the Ethereum Network.
Nord Finance
The partnership with Netvrk will allow Uno Re to insure all the digital assets. In addition, Uno Re will host an insurance shop wherein players will be allowed to purchase insurance for various valuable digital assets within as well as outside the Netvrk metaverse.
Uno Re will be providing Berry Data with a specialised Oracle Cover against their smart contract vulnerabilities.
Berry Data
We are thrilled to announce that Uno Re will be partnering with Gamerse and now insuring the assets within their metaverse!
This partnership will allow Uno Re to provide customized insurance coverage for Polychain Monsters’ farming pools of a TVL equivalent to more than USD 5 million to protect users’ assets on the platform against a hack or smart contract failures.
Polychain Monsters
This partnership will benefit both parties as Syscoin aims to provide companies with the most secure commercial infrastructure for goods, assets and certificates, and digital data. Additionally Uno Re will provide IDO insurance coverage for projects kick-starting their journey on Syscoin’s launchpad.
Uno Re aims at providing artists and NFT enthusiasts with a secure and transparent environment to show their creativity and access a wide range of NFTs with confidence.
Closed Sea
Uno Re aims at making their metaverse a safer space by providing the project with Metaverse Insurance.
Refined Apes
With this partnership, we will enter the FEAR metaverse as vault owners — where we’ll set up our very own insurance shop deployed on our Cover Portal.
Fear NFT
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