Our Manifesto
The world is changing at an accelerated pace – the jig is up, and the new world-order is more inclined to follow the truth of cold-hard facts borne of world-experience rather than the force-fed propaganda of organised conglomerates. Our economy is experiencing a fundamental shift from centralized to distributed systems - individual consumers are taking back power and not only decentralizing decisions and processes but are in-turn molding the overall societal mindset to be more in-line with the principles of freedom, fairness, and equal opportunity that these newer technological models were built on.
This shift is causing a huge boom in the value of crypto-based assets within the world economy - in fact, the Total Value Locked (TVL) in crypto-based assets has exponentially risen to a mammoth $1.7 trillion in just the first quarter of 2021. However, along with this rise there has also been an alarming upsurge in the amount of capital lost to exploitative malpractices in the space; the total value of this loss amounts to $4.8 billion - that’s roughly 0.3% of the TVL, an altogether colossal piece of the pie.
With New Opportunities, arise New Liabilities
The cogent change in ownership of power from large and organized financial institutions to on-chain economic platforms and decentralized financial models is remarkable, undoubtedly.
However, as this mega-shift in mentalities occurs and De-Fi gains more and more traction within the larger society, it cannot be ignored that anything novel comes with the unforeseeable. Though problematic as they are, traditional financial institutions have been around for hundreds of years – that’s hundreds of years of practice to perfect their systems of security and contingency plans in case of failure. This new-age change is much-needed to free society from the cumbersome load of traditional systems, but is also undoubtedly placing incumbent business models at risk.
Novel Safeguards, for Novel Risks
With this in mind, several contingency protocols have risen to the opportunity of weaving a new, similarly decentralized safety net as the distributed-network-platforms and institutions they aim to protect. Smart contract hacks, oracle exploits, data breaches, thefts, and so many more are risks that are slowly but steadily being identified and understood, and along with this understanding there has been a significant boom in innovative solutions that not only protect the community against these malpractices, but also insure them in case such dire events do transpire.
A Defence for the Defenders
Even with this massive advancement in DeFi insurance providers that provide protection to crypto-protocols and their communities, there still remains a significant dearth in the reinsurance of the risk that these providers undertake. An industry whose traditional counterpart is already a well-kept secret from the general public, Reinsurance within the crypto space remains an even more obscure phenomenon and an asset class with huge untapped growth and scalability potential.
Unore Will Evolve
into an Insurance and Reinsurance ecosystem that conduces the further adoption of De-fi institutions by strengthening the basic foundations of the safety and security they can afford to the masses.
Uno Re will
Break barriers
to entry for the average retail investor by doing away with the historic pre-requisite of absurdly high capital generally needed to invest in the market and receive sizable returns on their investments in one of the safest asset classes in the world.
Facilitate the creation
of new and innovative insurance products, all powered by the community and governed by a DAO - thus propelling a new generation of Insurtech companies powered by Uno Re.
Commoditise risk
by enabling this risk by enabling trade in it and giving the community access to earn the massive rewards that these trades generate on the world’s first DEX for the trade of risk-based assets.
In order to achieve these high-order tasks, we will be launching our platform in a systematic tri-phase order, with Phase I being the Investor phase, Phase II being the Risk Trading phase, and Phase III being the Innovator phase.
Our Phase for Investors
Uno Re will begin its introductory phase with the launch of its very first Cohort - this phase aims to open doors of opportunity to every investor to invest in an individual capacity within reinsurance, a historically profitable asset class to which access has thus far been restricted for the most part.
What are Cohorts?
Uno Re’s first phase is strategically divided into cohorts, with each cohort housing multiple pools. The objective of these multi-strata pools is to spread risk - each pool comprises of vastly different types of covers, thus spreading the overall risk associated with it.
Further to acting as an additional safeguard, this variation in the types of policies within each risk pool (and consequently each cohort) ensures that investors of each pool make returns from a host of different policies spread across different lines of business which ultimately ensures higher APRs and a much more efficient utilisation of investor capital.
Risk pool
Our Phase for Risk-Traders
Invested in an insurance pool and what to trade out with your returns? Welcome to Phase II - This phase will advance the Uno Re platform into a DEX similar to Uniswap and Pancakeswap, but for the trade of risk-based assets. Risk will be traded on Uno Re Markets as wrapped tokens which are representations of investments made into the different Investment risk pools aforementioned. The value of these assets will be determined in the open market based on certain key metrics, such as portfolio performance.
Our Phase for the Innovator
With its Phase III, Uno Re provides experienced as well as budding talent in the field the opportunity to propose their own original insurance products to the market, without the dependency of being backed by a large corporation.These proposed products will be assessed by a decentralized governance system of actuaries before being made available to the community for further investing and trading into. Claim accessing DAOs will appraise the associated claims before it’s processing from the Cohorts and the Managerial DAO will be used to detect and report any untoward activities occurring within the system in order to further abet due diligence and ensure the safety of investments made into the pools that house these products/policies.
With this unprecedented tri-phase architecture, Uno Re will not only revolutionize and reinvent the insurance and reinsurance sector, but also further accelerate the inviolable mass-adoption of De-Fi
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