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Discover the perfect fit for your crypto coverage needs.

Whether it's safeguarding individual assets or securing institutional investments, we've got every aspect covered.

UNO Re Shield



Institutional Coverage

Comprehensive coverages for Layer 1 & 2 protocols.

You can get individual solutions or a personalized package for your business.

Validator Slashing Cover

Cover losses resulting from validator slashing or penalties imposed on layer 2 blockchain networks.
Risk Management
Mitigate third-party infrastructure and malicious behaviour risks.
Encourages Participation
Encourage them to participate as validators or stakers in layer 2 blockchain networks.
Grow User Base
Attract new stakers who need a peace of mind.
Market Confidence
Having insurance coverage for staked ETH slashing risks can enhance market confidence.
Get more comprehensive security
A New Era of Blockchain Security
At UNO, we combine comprehensive coverage with key security services to minimize risk. This strategy leads to reduced premiums and enhanced protocol security, boosting confidence among users and depositors.

How does it work?

Whether you are a brand new protocol, or a veteran in the Web3 space, UNO products make sense. Here is what you can expect:


Protocols with existing high quality audits receive discounts on our services

Review changes

Fixes are recommended, both teams review changes, and the green light is given to proceed with coverage options

Studying your codebase

An accurate and itemized quotation is then provided for our full product offerings

Choose Protections

Client selects protections they desire. All in, or ala carte

Underwriting and Audit report

UNO teams begin meticulous scrutiny of your codebase, yielding a comprehensive audit report within 10-14 days depending on SLOC


Once deductibles, policy limits, and premium are selected, an NFT containing policy metadata inscribed is sent to your team wallet. This is legally binding, and outlines claim details

Full suite access

First time protocols gain access to our full suite packages at bundled rates, propelling you to next level protection on day 1

*In the event of a claimable incident, UNO DAO processes your claim within 10 days and funds are automatically distributed to impacted wallets.

Keep safe from web3 risks

The DeFi sector has witnessed losses close to $80 billion due to scams, hacks, and exploits. Uno's solutions are not just optional, they are essential for user safety and confidence.

Global cumulative funds lost


Global cumulative funds recovered


A major hack every

4.5 days

Scams, hacks and exploit events


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Coverage made easy
Risk-free your assets now!
Feel free to invest in different tokens.
Connect your wallet, select the protocol and create your safe portfolio.

About Us

At UNO DAO, our mission is to empower digital communities through equitable code reviews, decentralized resilience, and audited trust.

We fuel Web3 innovation and collective security.